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What Doctors Say

"First line tool in a "see & treat" manner for women with all stages of Endometriosis. The reliable depth of tissue penetration achieved allows disease around vulnerable structures such as bowel, bladder and ureter to be treated with confidence"  

C Roberts, J Erian, NCW Hill 

Farnborough Hospital Orpington, Kent

"This technique is therefore intrinsically safer than previous methods of fulguration"

"The short term improvement rate (60%) is promising..."

G Cumming, K Philips

Southern General Hospital

Govan Road, Glasgow

"Since large areas of the peritoneum can be destroyed quite rapidly and safely, the actual operating time using Helica Thermal Coagulator is significantly reduced"

KF Donaldson, Robert Hawthorn

Southern General Hospital

Govan Road, Glasgow

"Initial follow-up at 3-4 months of the 39 patients treated suggested that 34 (87%) had responded to treatment"

"A 50% successful treatment 14 months after treatment with the Helica TC and 94% recommendation to family and friends"  

P Dewart 

St John's Hospital

Howden Road West, Livingston

Helica Thermal Coagulator
Surgical Power Settings
                       1) LOW       : 2W-12W
                  2) MEDIUM   : 16W
                  3) HIGH      : 33W
Weight : 7 Kg
Europe: 230V 2A 50Hz  USA: 110V 4A 60HZ
Available Probes
Laproscopic Surgery
LT:PTFE 4mm diametre x 310 mm
LTC:PTFE 4mm diametre x 310 mm / Cutting
Open Surgery
OCL:PTFE 4mm diametre x 88 mm / Cutting
  Helium Gas 
Helium Volume(Laproscopcic Surgery Mode): 0.7 litres/min
Helium Volume (Open Surgery Mode) : 2.2 Litres/min
Helium Pressure : 50mmHg 
200 surgeries per tank
Weight & Input Power
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